Research has shown that photography in human life is of paramount importance. It offers relaxation, tranquility, increases energy and passion for exploration and adventure. It is an art that is undoubtedly characterized by creativity and allows one to experiment and «play» with it. After all, it is an art like all the others, with many peculiarities that often do not come to mind.

What an American investigation says
A study by the University of Southern California, led by Assistant Professor Christine Dill, showed that “photographing can increase the pleasure of positive experiences, increasing one’s personal involvement in them”. So it can be said that those who frantically hold cameras or even mobile phones for photographs have a good time, are happy and enjoy their time. It acts as a factor, as a trigger for human to discover new destinations, new things. It helps him/her in the “jog”, to wake up inward, exploring and “carving” everything.

Photography as a means of expression
American writer, essayist, director and activist Susan Sodag once said that “photographs change and enlarge our view of what is worth seeing and what we have the right to observe”. They help develop our views on a destination, for example. They also help to make the best choice even for small things. Be observant, in order to decide what is right or not. Photography also helps people to express their emotions and express themselves.

Photography as a therapeutic factor
Photography can “cure” a bad time or a painful situation. It has the potential to unite people and make them happy. How many times have you looked at a photo and popped a smile? How many times have you opened an album and remembering the past, you shook your loved one’s hands or you kissed your child’s forehead? This piece of photography is called “Phototherapy” and it’s about expressing one’s emotions. It’s a good “doctor” to help someone remember some (beautiful) cases and look at life again with optimism!