You love dancing, but this period you have to sacrifice it (either for lack of time or for financial reasons) in order to go to the gym and lose those unnecessary kilos you try to lose the last months?

You don’t have to sacrifice it. Do you know how many types of dance can help you lose weight? So you can combine dance and gym!

Zumba. It’s one of the most popular forms of dance in recent years and has become increasingly popular. The truth is that it’s not exactly dance. It’s an aerobic exercise program, but it includes many dance moves, accompanied by latin music. You don’t dance in the usual sense of the term, but in essence you… dance.

Samba. The samba is a fast-paced dance and requires a lot of energy: these lead to weight loss. Of course,, you must already be in a relatively good physical condition to handle the pace, in order to be able to dance samba.

Salsa. We remain in latin mud, but we turn to something milder than samba. Milder, however, does not mean that it doesn’t help our purpose. You also lose weight with salsa, since you are in constant motion.

Flamengo. Become a Spaniard for a while and you won’t understand whether you dance or you exercise in aerobic mood.

Rumba. Rumba is also in latin mood. It’s considered the dance of love. It’s the ideal dance especially for the belly and waist.

Mambo. Can you endure? If you can handle its fast pace, dance it and you don’t need to go to gym.

Hip hop. You consume so much energy when you dance to hip hop rhythms that it’s impossible not to lose weight. If you are a fan of this kind, you will lose kilos without understanding it and at the same time you will have fun.

R&B. Another type of dance that, if you like it, combines enjoyment and effect. You go out and have fun and meanwhile your body dispenses off the unnecessary kilos.

Tango. You might be surprised, since tango is the «latin exception» since it has no fast pace. And yet, dancing tango you train your thighs and buttocks, and you do it effectively.