Architecture is an art that influences our life in a direct and everyday way, like no other art. While we choose when to listen to music, to read literature or to go to the cinema, it’s not the same with architecture. We literally live within its creations, whether we like it or not.

A basic knowledge of architecture can help us to better understand the environment in which we live and to make the right choices when it is at our disposal.

It’s not necessary to study at the university in order to learn to appreciate the beauty of architectural creations. There are many books written for readers who want to learn the basics of architecture.

A first glance at them can help the rookie understand the different architectural streams of the past and get a little taste of the principles behind each stream.

The history of architecture
Knowing the history of architecture one can recognize the different styles of the past but also better understand the present, since the good ideas are never lost, but used again and again. Having a basic knowledge of architecture one can combine style and views and in the end create his/her own unique aesthetic, which can help him/her in a very practical way in his/her life.

The next time we need to buy a bedside table, a sofa or a carpet, to choose a color for curtains or to talk to the architect who designs our cottage, we will be able to lean on our knowledge and make the best personal choices.

The knowledge of architecture can only beautify our life, because it helps us have personal opinion and taste that keep pace with the present or reminds of the past.

A home made with good taste beautifies our moments for us, our family and our friends!