There are moments when she found herself, as she used to tell me, to be lost, to break up. But she always had the phrase “it will pass” in her mind. And when I’m in the same position, I always remember her holding the smile in one hand and the heart in the other hand. So I take a breath and I relax.

Whatever was happening, she was smiling

She wasn’t crazy. She was just a dreamer. I remember her always singing in the dark. She wasn’t crazy. She just lived every moment as if it was the last. And I always remember it; in one hand the smile and the heart in the other hand.

It was the life of the whole world, transformed. With infinite hardships, with a hoarse voice and a heart of stone. Sometimes she cracked, but she never forgot to be human.

She fell and always stood up on its own. And when I asked her how she managed to do it, she told me she just had confidence in her own life. And when I asked her again, she whispered to me the phrase, “everything is going through, everything wants time.”

In one hand the smile and in the other hand the heart

He was always hanging on the edge of the cliff. But she never fell, because she had the concept of balance inside her. She always balanced her moments and situations with calm. On one hand the smile and on the other hand her whole heart.

And then she gave everything to make others happy. And with their joy, she was happier. She had always had that true smile.

And the time was passing

And the time was passing violently. And she was getting older. But she felt like a child. A little child, full of joy. She was always thirsty for life and had no time for either her defeat or her pain.

Because she loved her life, as she used to tell me, despite the difficulties, although it made her bleed. She loved and trusted her life.

Because as she told me, life was a cycle. And when something went wrong, she expected the other part of the circle to come back. And that’s how she lived. Always with a smile.



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