Music is a great chapter for the human. We are born and we have music within us. Babies have the perfect ear and they always respond to music. Indeed, experts agree that music has beneficial effects on their brain and behavior.

What does music offer to the kids?
In essence, music has a great influence on the tranquility and behavior of young children and infants. Of course, the relaxation the music causes is not a surprise since this also happens to the adults.

Children connect music to the attention they receive from their parents. For example, when you sing to your child to sleep, many times as soon as you stop he/she will open his/her eyes. This is because the infant feels that the attention is lost.

Basically singing is one of the best ways to develop a close relationship with your child. Sing to him until he/she falls asleep and if he/she opens the eyes when you stop, sing again! This will create him/her only positive emotions.

What kind of music is best for babies?
Answering the question of what kind of music is right for a baby is not easy, nor simple. There is no particular type of music that is perfect for every infant. But generally experts say that any slow, steady melody helps.

A slow and steady melody means that an infant can hear from Mozart to Alkinoos Ioannidis as well as children songs. There is a wide range of options. But what we need to realize is that just like every adult has their own preferences, so an infant feels more comfortable with a particular kind of music.

But the last and important point is that the variety of musical stimuli stimulates the processes in the child’s brain.

So don’t be afraid to put music for the kids and sing them. Give them plenty of stimuli, see what they like and open the range. Music is the best thing for an infant.