Famous photographer Steve Mc Curry knows better than anyone the rules for stunning shots. He worked for National Geographic and he’s the one behind the lens to take the famous photo of “African” in our main photo and the most famous photo in the world, the girl from Afghanistan.

It’s not that easy to take good photos, but it’s not that difficult if we really love photography.

The photographer using his own photos shows that if you follow the basic rules of composition you can easily get a good photo. Here are 9 examples that will help you improve your photography ability.

The rule of third parties

Put the important parts of photography in lines and even the most important parts where these lines intersect.


Guide lines

Use the natural lines in the photo to attract the viewer’s attention.


Diagonal lines

If used correctly, the diagonal lines give the image dynamism


Picture frame

Take advantage of the natural frames in the picture such as windows and doors.


Figures against the background

Find the contrast between the subject of the photo and the background.


Fill the picture

Take a close-up of the person you are photographing.



Imposing eyes

Place the right or left eye in the center of the composition. This gives the impression that your subject’s eyes are following you.



Drawings and repetition

It’s nice to see a pattern in a photo. But it’s even better when the pattern stops. So there is contradiction in the photograph.



Harmony between the two halves is always pleasing to the eye.



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