“Without music, life would be a mistake”, Friedrich Nietzsche had once said, and I couldn’t agree more with his statement. But what better than relishing your favorite music within a movie? So today we will deal with the film “School of rock”.

A movie that doesn’t exploit rock music
You are fun of rock ‘n’ roll and you like good movies at the same time. When these two are harmoniously combined you will enjoy a nice movie. Not many have succeeded in this, as they aimed to sell rock music and win a difficult audience. But Jack Black is one of the few who can do this combination correctly.

“School of rock” combines comedy (a not easy genre) with a nice wrap. Classical rock songs fill the film (Immigrant Song, Sunshine of Your Love, Set You Free), while at the same time it sends positive messages.

A simple but beautiful plot
Dewey Finn has a big purpose in his life. He wants to become a successful rock star that the audience will love. He is ready to do anything to succeed even if his debts drown him. So in the pursuit of money in order to fulfill his dreams he works as an assistant professor. And while he has in his mind his personal success and he faces work as a blessing, a number of situations change his perception. He wins over his students and aims to covert them to a rock band.

Generally, “School of Rock” is a great movie. It takes full advantage of the range of rock music and offers a great experience. It doesn’t look for hidden messages, difficult quotes and directing tricks. On the contrary it’s a film based on music and humor. The number one goal of “School of Rock” is to give you a smile and take you on different kinds of rock.