Tango… Somewhere in the late 19th century there tango was born in the impassable alleys of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Amidst the decline and the margin, in the streets that everyone tells you not to go. The people wanted a way out for fun. And they found it in the dance. Tango is an expression of passion, eroticism, charm. A dance that was born out of human need. A mixture of cultures and musical elements from all over the world that are harmoniously “married”. The most common reference to tango is love.

The “difficult” years

Tango faced a great war. It was described as immoral, barbaric, provocative. It was a period when tango in Argentina was blamed for all the problems of society. Yet the people who started this dance ignored everyone. So over the years in Argentina and in Uruguay thousands of people have been initiated into its magical world.

The establishment

By 1910 the tango had exceeded the narrow borders of Argentina and Uruguay. It arrived in Paris and the rest of Europe. The press started to deal with this particular dance and the articles were increasing. Some criticized it, others quoted it. But as soon as Europe’s aristocrats accepted the dance, it was “legitimized” definitely.


Much has changed from the earliest steps of tango. This dance and its movements have evolved. Some even say that we could talk about another type of dance. Yet its essence remains the same