According to experts, music education may be necessary for children. Learning a musical instrument can improve children’s attention, emotional control and reduce stress.

Psychiatrists and psychologists believe that music has important benefits for children:

1. Stimulates the brain: Music can lead to high academic successes since it has been demonstrated that it stimulates parts of the brain related to reading, math and emotional development.

2. Improves memory: Research has shown that music improves not only a child’s academic route but also memory.

3. Sociability: Children who learn to play a musical instrument learn to be patient, to cooperate and to appreciate, skills that will make them more social.

4. They gain confidence: Learning a musical instrument is a process that will show children that they can develop their skills and create something on their own.

5. Patience: Kids will need a lot of patience in their adulthood, so it is good to learn early that they need to be patient when they want to create something and wait for the results.

6. Discipline: Learning a musical instrument requires discipline and concentration. Children learn that they must persist and not give up, if they want to have result.

7. Creativity: Music cultivate creativity in children, a indispensable weapon of their careers and personal happiness.