Salsa is not just a dance and music genre. It’s a way of expression, it’s a creation, an improvisation, it’s a way of life. In the next couple of minutes you will read some interesting facts about Salsa.

The story

The roots of Salsa come from Cuba and Africa. Somewhere in the 1920s, when African slaves found themselves in Cuba, this magical dance began to take shape. The African and Cuban elements came together and began to combine in order to create an explosive mix.

Salsa as a dance and music became known to the general public in 1950 when it was renamed New York. It was a combination of various Latin and freestyle dances. The name comes from exactly where you can imagine. From the Spanish word Salsa which means “spice mix for sauce”.


This is how you will succeed


The characteristics

Salsa is a social dance. It gives everyone the freedom to improvise and make their own figures. There are tracks at a very fast pace and the result is usually impressive. Salsa can be danced with partners (cavalier or even queen), but also in solo form.

But in recent years there has been a great deal of talk about this particular dance. “Change to 1 or 2?”. Usually the change is made to 1 because dancers are used to it, but also because it is easier. But there is also the current belief that weight change happens at 2. And that is because every dance evolves and their inspiration is at 2.

The essence of Salsa

We will not take a position on this issue. Because very simply the essence of Salsa is elsewhere. Dance to the music and have fun. Take emotions and create. Release yourself in whatever way you want. This is the meaning of Salsa and the dance in general. Let’s not forget it …



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