She was just 90 years old and her eyes were shining like she was 20. She was not silly, nor crazy. She was just a dreamer. With every click she heard, she opened her wings and flew. And everyone around her called her “the crazy of the neighborhood.” And when I asked her what it is that makes her always fly, she said only one word to me. “Everything”.

And always when I hear the click, I remember her

That afternoon I went to get her a cardigan from the adjoining shop she had loved. But before I walked into the house, I was told to go back, because “the crazy of the neighborhood had passed away”.

And so I went back. But I didn’t bend. Because I was holding her smile in my hand, which never came out. She taught me the trick.

Because we were photographing our moments together, especially with our eyes.


The smile is not just a curve, it’s a shield


On the street a passerby was taking a picture of his shadow and suddenly I remembered her. Because with every click she heard, she opened her wings and flew.

With every click she heard, she opened her wings and flew

She liked the click sound of the camera. I remember her telling me that this sound was reminding of her youth, where the kids were coming to school to take the school photo.

And then she was taking me back to the years when the kids were riding their bikes in the mud.

She loved everything. The melody of the piano, the sound of the bee. The smell of the flowers of the neighborhood garden. She liked to watch the footsteps of the passers-by, even their looks. And every look of sadness she saw, she was asking why. And they said she was crazy.

In fact, she wasn’t crazy. She was just very good

She has dedicated her 90 years to the care of those around her. She liked to mark the smiles with red color to look bright on each face.

Those around her never understood, however, that humanity was really this thing. To give, to smile, to offer and to love.

They exploited her, they disappointed her with their words, but from them she learned one thing. Whatever creases her was going up 3 steps.

And every time they were wondering how she was always able to do it and not bend, she was saying: “I live with the few, but with the good. With the most beautiful little and simple things in life”.


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