The story takes us to the African savannah where the lion is the king of all animals. Shiba is a courageous, carefree lion who is eager to become king, following his father’s teachings on King Moufasa’s “Life Cycle”. But Scar, his cunning uncle, has his own devilish plans. As he wants to take this throne, he decides to cause Moufassa’s death, while he drives to exile Shiba, who considers himself responsible for the loss of his father. Through a series of complicated processes, passions, quarrels, and love the story has a happy end! But what does the history of this film teach us to make it invaluable over time?

1. In every family there will be one member that you won’t be able to trust.

2. Death in our life. The idea of death that fades away but still exists and urges us to come to terms with it.

3. True friends are important in our lives. Timon and Puba found little Simba almost dead. No matter how different they were, they decided to save him, they brought him up and taught him their principles.

4. Don’t be shy when crying! “Come on! Come on, get up! Wake up! Come on”. These words were said by little Shiba to his now dead father…

5. The passion for power is capable of blinding and leading man to any criminal activity in order to conquer it.

6. Creating guilt is capable of harming a person. Scar did more harm to Shiba when he falsely accused him of killing his father than when he killed him.

7. If you don’t find the peace in yourself, no matter how far you go locally, you will never truly calm down.

8. Glory isn’t enough to make you happy. Love, friendship, inner justice, all these guide you and fill you more.

9. Animal respect and love for nature and balance. Mufasa explains to Shiba that although they are kings they don’t abuse their power and power as they kill only what they need for food.

10. You must not expect others to respect you because you have authority, you must also have character and education.