Eating habits start very early on, for this reason everyone says that we need to pass on healthy eating habits to our children. But can we remove completely unhealthy elements from our child’s diet such as chocolates (sugar in general), crisps and junk food? No, but we can reduce them or combine them with an outlet, so if we don’t have such food at home, it won’t be easy for the child to consume them.

The meals children eat at home will guide them to the meals they choose on their own. It’s a good idea to buy a variety of healthy foods such as fruit, vegetable, bread and whole grains. This way we direct the child’s snacks. It also helps to set specific times for each meal and snack.

Insist on a small breakfast before you leave for school so that the child can stand until break time. Change milk with 1.5% fat. Also prefer low fat yogurts as well as high fiber food, such as cereals, wholemeal bread, peas, green beans, fruits and vegetables.

Kids are usually involved in sports so they need energy. At afternoon prefer nuts, fresh fruit or even cereal bars that we can easily make on our own at home.

In adolescence the issue of nutrition becomes even more difficult as children’s leisure time decreases, but their appetite increases. But the need for substances such as vitamins, ferrum, carbohydrates for energy and calcium is very important. It’s a good idea to have snacks in the fridge so that when they have them ready when they want instead of resorting to easy solutions.

Finally, we must remember that we are our children’s role models. So our children’s diet depends on what we have at home or what we eat.