Happy children, happy parents

We often hear that children are like sponges. They absorb our knowledge, attitude and mood. They take after us, parents, so much. But how true is this statement, really? If you observe the behavior of your children, you’ll see that they are a faithful copy of yours. Therefore, happy children, happy parents.

Of course, the intensity with which they copy us differs from child to child. Also, depending on the psychosynthesis of each kid, each of our behaviors is interpreted differently.

I have personally witnessed this happen many times. In times of personal tension and stress, anxious behaviors and nerves start to show up for no reason.

May all be well

If we learn to take care of ourselves, we’ll make the best investment to assure our children stay happy and emotionally balanced.

We’ll also have the energy to spend time with them with quality, being “there” next to them with substance, usefulness and efficiency.

Short breaks

We owe some easy time to ourselves. Short breaks from family life for us: excursions, exercise, hobbies. Find something that you enjoy and you’ll regain your lost energy.

Take a walk with friends in a park, visit a show, have some face and body treatment. All these simple but important activities can “recharge our batteries”.

Acknowledge your mistakes

It’s important to accept the views of the children and to discuss them. Don’t reject them without conversation. And make sure to admit your mistakes if any have been made.

This way you can point out to them, that we all fall into traps and make mistakes. Thus, we set a good example for our children and teach them to admit their mistakes as well.

Happy parents, happy children

Through our relationship with our children we mature and constantly keep learning. No parent is born knowing how to raise their children.

Nor is there a secret recipe to successful upbringing. Children use their instincts more than we do. So having a good relationship with our children, we too can become perfect parents.

And if happy children means happy parents as well – let’s become children again!


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