Our children insist on taking a pet, always promising to take care of it and be responsible for all its desires / needs. They usually manage to convince us even though the responsibility falls on the older ones…

But which is the most suitable pet we can get? There are certainly several factors to consider before we decide.

The place of residence is the most basic element. If we are live in an apartment we need to see how much and where our pet will fit. Solutions like a goldfish or a hamster are easier as they require a small space and little care, but children aren’t satisfied with them. Their possible loss may not bother them as much as if it were a puppy that the children love more.

Kids love a small and playful kitten, sometime of course it will grow up and maybe go away, cats are not loyal like dogs, if we don’t have the right space in our home / apartment.

So we end up with a classic solution for a dog. Depending on the space we put it in, we will choose the breed that determines its size.

Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and cocker spaniels are the preferred breeds. It’s advisable to avoid the choice of very small dogs, such as the Chihuahua and Yorkshire terriers, but also the large ones such as the Rottweilers and the German Shepherds.

Ideally you would also find a dog that has already grown up with other children. This will make it familiar to young children and an ideal and safe companion for your child. A visit to an animal shelter can give us the most appropriate solution. This will also teach our child an added value, that of loving animals, through the adoption of a loving stray animal. There are many shelters in all cities that have all kinds of strollers and genders we can adopt. We can also find information about animal care since they are all staffed by volunteers who know animal psychology well.

Finally, we must teach our children that our pet is a member of our family so we have no right to be bored or to neglect it.