We could say that music in the life of every adult and child is necessary. At work, at home, in the car and wherever it sounds to his/her ears, music changes the mood. Today, LoveLife learns more about the value of music and specifically about piano. We talk with Helen Anastasi, a piano teacher, and learn why piano is important for every child.

How could we characterize the piano? “The melody it produces is so relaxing that it offers entertainment, serenity and enjoyment”, Eleni Anastasi says. “The piano can be described as the most popular musical instrument and is often referred to as the king of instruments”, she explains. “Let’s not forget that the piano is used in many types of music such as classical, jazz, blues and ecclesiastical”.

If the child asks to deal with the piano…

Piano can be considered one of the most appropriate hobby activities for every child. So if your child asks you to deal with the piano, “we certainly shouldn’t ignore it. Instead we have to get it in touch with the musical instrument”, the piano teacher points out. “Before anything else, it is good to explain to the child that in order to learn piano he/she must first love it, have persuasion, goals, patience and perseverance”.

Why is the piano important for the child?

Discussing about the importance of piano in every child’s life, Eleni Anastasi explains that the piano can offer so much. “In principle, delicate mobility and limb coordination are practiced and this also improves concentration and memory”. Research has also shown that piano helps children improve their IQ. It also acts as a treatment for children with learning difficulties, hyperactivity, anxiety and stress. Then, “every child’s self-esteem is increased by seeing their efforts succeed. It calms its spirit”, she says.

*Helen Anastasi is a graduate of the University of Huddersfield and has been teaching piano for children and adults ever since. For Hele music is everything, because she says that it is what really fills her, as it evokes her most beautiful emotions.