Christmas is approaching and all companies are preparing the usual Christmas party for employees. How do you prepare the Christmas event for the company? Will you be in charge of – in the … run of the job – the… run for this event too or will you trust the experts?

How will you prepare the Christmas event for the company?

Event planners are a trend that has been booming in America and Europe for years. Now we find them in Cyprus too. Already many companies outsource these Christmas events to specialists.


A Christmas story!


What is Event Planner Cyprus?

If you are also looking for the experts who will prepate the company’s Christmas party, Event Planner Cyprus is what you are looking for.

Event Planner Cyprus designs and hosts events of any kind, whether private or corporate.

“We undertake the planning of weddings, christenings, engagement, birthdays, significant anniversaries, cocktail parties, baby shower. Also the planning of conferences, shop openings, Christmas corporate events, and charity gala events, such as the Christmas Charity Cocktail Party on December 18th for ‘Chrysalis’ (ed: non-profit organization dedicated to providing moral, psychological and financial support for people with slits and other craniofacial abnormalities)”, says Radina Kamenova, Event Planner Cyprus Manager at LoveLife.



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Why should you choose an event planner?

Returning to the corporate Christmas events, we sought out the utility of an event planner. Why should a company find an event planner and not prepare the event on its own, as it happened in the past?

“More and more of our companies trust us, because they realize that they gain of such a partnership. Basically, we do all the preparation for the event, so companies save time and money. Time, because they do not need to look for anything, since we fully undertake all the planning. And money, because our job is to find the best quality and economical solutions”, explains Radina Kamenova.

“We also know some ‘secrets’ that make these events special, ‘sectets’ that no one in the company could know. In this way we give another sense at the events”, she adds.



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What does planning include? Everything! “From finding the venue to the event, organizing the catering, choosing the entertainment, choosing the right theme to decorate the event, the sitting plan, all that needs to be done at one event. It always depends, of course, on what we are asked to do. The services we offer are customized to each person’s needs, budget and schedule”, says Event Planner Cyprus Manager.


You can find more information on the Event Planner Cyprus official website or on its facebook page.



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