I would describe December as the month of embrace. This month that comes and covers all of our gray clouds. This month replenishes moments and heals the wounds. So, just before December 25th, don’t forget … to hug all people. And in words and, above all, in actions.

Take advantage of every second

And if time runs longer than a rabbit, you have nothing to fear for your moments. It’s enough to take advantage of every second.
Leave aside everything that torments you. Take time for yourself and your loved ones. Share love and above all smiles.

Get pen and paper

Just before December 25th, make sure you heal all your wounds, alone or with the help of those around you. The New Year is looking at you very closely. Waiting for you for new adventures!


Good mood and happiness are contagious


It whispers to you “5 days are left. Do whatever makes you happy”. Start today if you haven’t done what you wanted so far. Take pen and paper and set priorities.

Make the start, even towards the end of the year. After all, it’s important to take the first step. And then, take your slow and steady steps.

Just before December 25th, don’t forget…

Embrace, kiss, love and feel what you didn’t live. Because you deserve it. These festive days always come to brighten the days of all of us.

So why not make them brighter? Shiny and pale. Like stars in the sky that are all shining and holding the moon together.

Keep in mind the month of embrace. It may be the actual World Embrace Day at January 21st, but no one forbids celebrating it every day, every hour, every minute.

Even more this month, which is a month full of scents, flavors of love and compassion. Hug those you need. And if you’re one of them, ask for a hug. And I’m sure hundreds will be on your way. And then, you will be struck by the beautiful, that true, smile.



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