A gift, even a small one, gives us pleasure and makes us feel beautiful. Of course, now that Christmas is coming, it’s worth buying or even making on our own a gift for each of us! So we suggest smart ideas for Christmas gifts. Prepare your pocket… this time with a smile because our gifts make us shine!

Smart Christmas gift ideas

So the countdown started for the New Year, let alone for Christmas. If the Christmas tree has been decorated and the house has been refurbished, it’s time for the gifts.

Gifts can be called even the simplest things. Because what matters is that you offer something to the other and not how expensive it is to offer.

For our little friends

Say no to electronic devices this Christmas. “No” on mobile phones, “no” on new tablets and “no” “on everything that doesn’t remove the child from the screen”.

Buy new paints and construction materials for kids to create with them in your free time. Look for books that contain activities, with pictures and games of knowledge.

A creation of your own, like an album, with photos of your child from birth, would be a great idea. However you could donate a “secret” notebook to keep it alive.


Laugh is the best… medicine


A new set of clothes for your cold winter outings is perfect. However, educational toys, a doll or a huge train for your kids are also suggested solutions.

For our older friends

For the olders of the company, the husband, the wife, the brothers, the friends, the acquaintances, dads, moms and so on, it would be a good idea to donate a jewelry or accessory.

However, many times, the expensive gift gratifies less those involved. So don’t worry about finances. If your finances, due to many obligations, are somewhat reduced this time, make small, simple, daily and useful gifts to those around you.

For example, new grandfather myopia glasses, yarns and everything necessary for Grandma’s favorite occupation. Dad’s evening slippers and a mommy cardigan. For siblings and friends you can buy jewelry. A ring or earrings for sisters or girlfriends, a male cologne for brothers and friends.

A separate pen and a new notebook for a family member who needs it at work is also a smart idea. Also, create your own wood frame with your favorite photos for the living room.



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