The Alexandrino, the striking flower with the characteristic red leaves, is the flower-symbol of Christmas. Also known as Poinsettia or “Bethlehem Star”, it symbolizes the festive season of Christmas. We find it everywhere, at gardens, houses and shops. The flower of Christmas.

Many choose festive compositions with poinsettia for a Christmas present for friends and relatives or a corporate gift for partners and clients. Poinsettia or otherwise Alexandrino comes from Mexico and has become an integral part of the Christmas atmosphere. It began its journey to the rest of the world and Europe about 200 years ago.

December 12th in America has been established as “Poinsettia Day”. It is the date of the death of Joel Poinsett, the first US ambassador to Mexico, who brought Alexandrino to his country.


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It is adequate mainly for interior places that illuminates with its red glow. It has thick foliage and large branching flowers, mostly red. You will also find it in white, pink and yellow shades. In the center of the bracteose rosette are tiny yellow flowers. During flowering period you should place it in a well-lit place.

Simple care tips:

Moderate lighting. Place it near a window without being exposed to direct sunlight.

Ideal room temperature, not below 16 degrees Celsius. Remember, however, that you must keep it away from excessive heat.

Frequent watering, which becomes less frequent when the flowering is over, but not excessive moisture.

What you should take care of when buying a Poinsettia

To have rich and dense foliage

To have small flowers in the center of red leaves

Not to show any signs of decay

Its foliage should not be dull
The striking red Alexandrian leaves will add a touch of warmth to the decoration of your home.

It is an essential part of the festive decoration at several points:

Hanging outside the front door, in a wreath or bouquet.

Above or beside the fireplace a festive composition with Alexandrino creates an even warmer and festive climate.

Baskets of poinsettia dominate at the table of your living room and the surrounding areas.

It combines with candles and creates a romantic atmosphere, always in the spirit of Christmas. Christmas composition or lanterns with candle and ornaments is an excellent suggestion.

The Alexandrino decorates the Christmas table with a special grace. Christmas plant Poinsettia in basket or tray is the perfect decoration choice.

Very often we see it forming a small, Christmas tree.

Poinsettia is wonderful, wherever you place it. It is also a great option to give it to your loved ones along with your best wishes.


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