We all know that organic products are important in our diet because their nutritional value is important. However, a number of studies have been conducted that have shown that organic and conventional food has similar nutritional value, but many consumers prefer them, saying they have a richer taste and aroma. But organic pesticides and preservatives are not used for the cultivation of organic products and their enrichment with sweetening, coloring and enhancing flavors is also prohibited. In addition, organic fruits and vegetables are superior to antioxidants (substances produced in plants to enhance their defense) because of the natural process by which they are produced.

Organic farming and animal husbandry respect nature and protect the environment. In particular, organic farming and animal husbandry maintain and improve soil fertility as well as balance between ecosystems, since they are based on natural processes, without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. The fact that organic products are prohibited from using genetically modified organisms is also very important.

Despite the benefits to our health, buying organic products is usually more costly, since environmentally friendly tactics increase the costs of organic producers, resulting in an increase in the price of the final product. In addition, organic fruits and vegetables are not processed after harvest and thus are not kept fresh for a long time and may differ in size, color or shape compared to conventional crops.

In conclusion, organic products are a very good food for our body, free from harmful and possibly suspicious substances imposed by the mass production of fruits and vegetables. Of course, due to the cost, I’s up to each individual to what extent he/she will incorporate it into his/her diet, partially or completely.