The crazy habits of our cats that we love to hate

Chances are at some point of your life you owned a cat, or what’s even more likely you own one now. And while you surely love your little purring friend, it’s undeniable that it can sometimes be somewhat annoying. And yet, for some reason we tend to find even the most annoying habits of our cats adorable. So let’s take a look at some of them.

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Running around the house for seemingly no reason

Just remember that silent evening when you sat down in your favorite chair with a cup of freshly baked coffee in one hand a brand new book you wanted to read for a while in the other, that tranquility and serenity. The warm drink made the atmosphere cozy and sweet and the idea of new story to unfold excited you. However you cat had other ideas.

It started to run around like a madman, possibly breaking some things along the way just to stop dead in its tracks for some reason and stare at you mindlessly. Now the calmness was gone and a burst of laughter made you spill your coffee. But you know, all of us need some chaos in our lives every now and then, and cats are there to provide.

Come to you just to scratch you

It’s somewhat sad to admit, but cats are pricks. How many times did your cat come to you, started purring, but as soon as you touched its fluffy belly it started to bite. But truth is, there is actually some science behind such behavior. The cats only show their bellies to their owners when they feel safe around them, therefore immediately touching it breaks that trust. Therefore, the scratches and the bites.

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Meowing in the morning

Its Sunday, you haven’t sleep well all week long thanks to approaching deadlines and the crazy workload. But hey, it’s the weekend, you can sleep all you want and finally rest. But once again, the furry menace doesn’t think so.

There are many reasons while cats sometimes just start acting like roosters. For some it’s a primal call for to be fed, for others it’s a call for attention. And for some… well, they just do it to spite you. And while it can annoying when it happens, you just can’t stay mad at your 4 legged friend for long, can you?

Let’s admit it, we all love our cats. They give us comfort and help us relax. Moreover, we can always talk to them, and tell them all our secrets without the fear of them being revealed. Maybe that’s why they do all that stuff – because they know some about us, because they know we’ll forgive and find it adorable afterwards.

So which of these did you notice your cat possess? Does it have any others? Let us know!


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