Nowadays we hear more and more of the term “Green House”. But what is really the “Green House”? Is there a reason to invest in this? Are we really interested in it? In the next couple of minutes you will read important information that will answer your questions.

What ‘Green House’ means

The definition of “green house” is complex, but the whole point is hidden in energy efficiency. Essentially it consumes the least possible energy to heat and cool. It is an environmentally friendly home, which at the same time is good for our pocket. But beyond the building, the “Green House” also relates to everything inside. From decoration to appliances.

The translation into numbers

If your home is “Green” then you will see a big difference in the bills. You save up to 70% on renewable energy. Mostly solar energy (which is abundant in Cyprus and Greece). Beyond that the materials are eco-friendly and human-friendly. The “Green House” takes advantage of nature itself and everything it provides us.

The cost

But the question that will undoubtedly arise is about the cost. The answer is no. Construction costs are not increasing, provided that the systems applied are simple. Beyond that, the commercial value of the building increases when it is “Green”, because it simply saves up to 750 euros each year. One step further, even if you choose materials that will increase the cost (which you can do), you will pay off in about two years.

Generally the choice of “Green House” is the best in all respects. Whether it’s the environment you’re interested in. Whether you look at your pocket first. The choice of a “Green House” is advantageous, so if you think you’re going to invest in your home, you know.


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