5 beauty tips to shine on your holidays

Excursions to the beaches, outings for cool cocktails, walks in the city or to our summer vacation destination, all is good. This time of year certainly cheers us up and makes us feel more beautiful. But here are 5 beauty tips to shine on your holidays even more!

However, in order to get the most impressive and shiny appearance ever, we should stick to the following tips that will make our tan last longer and make the skin shinier than ever.

# 1 Clean the skin

After swimming in the sea or the pool, definitely take a shower. This is how we remove the salt and chlorine that dehydrate and dull the skin. Prefer moisturizing shower gels with soothing ingredients and agents that strengthen the skin’s defenses.

#2 Remove dead cells

Do you want to prevent peeling and make your tan last longer? Then once or twice a week, don’t skip the exfoliation. Use whatever is convenient for you. Be it a hair glove or a scrub to renew the surface layer of the skin and make its texture smooth.

Attention: If you’re irritated by the sun, avoid exfoliation and simply take a warm shower with a natural sponge, using gels with neutral ph and soothing agents.

#3 Time to hydrate

After showering and exfoliating, don’t skip the moisturizing part. If in fact, you apply the moisturizer to the fresh skin, that’s even better. Moisture transports the ingredients of the moisturizer deeper into the skin.

Extra tip: For a greater sensation of freshness, store the body moisturizer in the refrigerator. In addition, it will relieve you in case you got a sunburn.

# 4 Enhance the production of melanin

Beneficial nutrients called carotenoids, such as beta-carotene and lycopene, strengthen the skin’s natural resistance against solar radiation and give it a bronze glow.

So, it’s good to take 3 portions of fruits and vegetables with a red or orange color, and dark green vegetables, such as broccoli and spinach a day.

#5 Make your skin glow

To improve your tan, use the 2 in 1 solution. Dry oils with iridescent elements, which additionally moisturize the skin. So, before your night out, spread a generous amount evenly on the legs, hands and décolleté.


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