You don’t have to be in the blossom of youth to look young. A woman can… cheat and hide her age, not in words (do you avoid saying your real age?), but in practice: actually looking younger! How? Some tips in your makeup can make the difference.

Check out our tips and you won’t have to lie again to the question “What is your age?” (Really, are these questions for a woman?)!

Beauty tips for every woman

Primer is necessary

If you have wrinkles around your mouth, a change in your makeup habits can give you a fresher, younger look. What you need now is a good quality primer that fills in small wrinkles, making them less visible.

Say no to the thick base

If you apply foundation directly to a more mature skin, you are likely to add years to your appearance. The right order is: moisturizing, primer and then a lightweight liquid foundation.

With moderation

A flattering eye makeup requires precision and … moderation. Excessive shade or eyeliner that is not properly spread should be avoided.

Add… eyebrows

The eyebrows tend to become thinner and gray as we grow older. However, there is a solution. You can use an eyebrow pencil that matches your color.

The eyeliner is ally

As we grow older, the eyelids tend to “fall” and then the eyeliner gives the solution. Spread it on a fine line along the lash line. This will improve the shape of your eyes and create the illusion of denser eyelashes. Use gentle eye shadows in small quantities.

Rejuvenate the eyes

If your eyes look tired, the most obvious solution is to rest more, to sleep. To reduce swelling, reduce salt in your diet and drink plenty of water. You can also try to relieve swollen eyes with cool cucumber washers or used and wet tea bags.

Reduce dark circles

Adequate sleep also helps reduce dark circles under your eyes. However, for some people, these cycles are due to the presence of a lot of pigment in their skin. In this case, creams containing bleaching agents such as retinol, hydroquinone, green tea or vitamin C may help. To cover the dark circles, use a concealer in lighter tone than your skin and in yellow tint.

White teeth

Toothpaste whitening creams can help remove surface stains so your teeth look almost whitish.