For a body that systematically exercises, protein needs are increased. In addition, increased protein intake appears to improve performance in athletes.

Numerous studies have focused on the relationship of proteins to athletic performance and their role in sports nutrition.

The points of focus on studies of sports nutrition mainly concern the type of proteins or amino acids that athletes should consume, the origin of these elements (natural sources or dietary supplements) and the frequency of uptake of these elements during the day.

The most prevalent view about the frequency is to take 30 grams of small and frequent meals (3-6) a day. Also, it has been found that the faster the protein is consumed after exercise, the more it helps to recover and replenish muscle stocks.

For athletes the factors that determine muscle mass and strength are the quality of the protein, its amount and the time it will be consumed. This is where the egg plays its important nutritional role.

Egg has many properties that make it an important foodstuff for athletes.

It consists of two parts, egg white and yolk. Egg white is mainly composed of water and protein, contains folic acid, B vitamins (mainly B12), and contains no fats and cholesterol.

In contrast, yolk contains water and proteins, fats (cholesterol), vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid.

Egg protein is of animal origin, of high biological value, contains the essential amino acids and is fully utilized by the body.

At the same time, the egg meets many of the essential criteria of athletes: it is digestible, perfectly absorbed, contains several grams of protein and can be consumed immediately after exercise.

It has also been shown that the combination of proteins with other nutrients (mixed nutrition) works best in muscle composition.
Egg is a mixed diet as it contains both fat and a minimal amount of carbohydrates.

In conclusion, the egg has a role in the diet of athletes, can be consumed fearlessly on a daily basis and contributes to the best performanc. It is a natural ‘key food’ for muscle strengthening.