Tennis “King”, Swiss champion Roger Federer, stands out in the world of sports not only for being a leader in his sport, but also for being a great personality, calm gentleman, and above all a benevolent.

The charitable “King” of tennis

He has founded the Roger Federer Foundation. Through this institution, children from 6 of the poorest countries can access education.

He has written history in the field of tennis. From a young age his dream was to become number 1. He managed to become the oldest player at the top of the list at his 36 years old.

“Not just to donate my racket”

His personal wealth exceeds $ 360 million. Federer chooses to donate much of it for charity.

He has said: “What could I do other than play tennis? I wanted to do something on my own and not just donate my racket”.

That’s why he founded the Roger Federer Foundation in 2003. The institution was originally active in South Africa where his mother originated.

He said: “When I was visiting my family on vacation I was experiencing extreme poverty. I realized that not all kids had the privileges I had of growing up in a rich country like Switzerland”.


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He helps six of the world’s poorest countries:

South Africa

He provided huge sums for the creation of educational infrastructure in Switzerland

In these countries, the education of children is often secondary. Survival is the priority. It has thus decided to invest in existing schools to improve the education of children in these countries.

Except for his charity work in Africa, he has also donated large sums to build educational infrastructure in Switzerland.

“When I go to schools I get real inspiration”

He has personally visited the African countries several times to see the Foundation’s programs. “When I go to schools I get real inspiration when I see how committed the local population is.

In the middle of one of the poorest parts of the world, mothers do their best to provide meals to their children every day, while fathers build new classrooms on their own. There, the children will be educated and perform better in society”.

Another example of his generosity

Along with the foundation’s programs, he contributes in every way to charity projects. It has raised $ 200,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti.

He has co-ordinated a tennis tournament in order to gather money to help victims of natural disasters. He has played in the “Games for Africa”, from which the revenue raised supports the goals of his institution.



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