Stephanos Tsitsipas is the new “king” of the ATP Finals since Sunday. He has completed a dreamy year in the best way and enjoys the fruits of his work which has brought him enormous success. Everyone speaks about him and the question is: How can you become… Tsitsipas!

What Tsitsipas did

The Greek athlete has won the biggest title of his career. Next Gen ATP Champion last year (for players under 21), he reached the final of the Nitto ATP Finals 12 months later and he won the title, beating Dominic Tim. Tsitsipas is the first player to win both the Next Gen ATP Finals and the ATP Finals.


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With Baghdatis

Did you know they are very good friends with the Cypriot ex tennis player Marcos Baghdatis? Indeed, the best Cypriot tennis player was in London and celebrated with the Greek tennis player his huge success. Cyprus was also on the program last year during Tsitsipa’s vacation. He had come as a guest of the Baghdatis.

How can you become like… Tsitsipas!

But how can you become… Tsitsipas! Or Baghdatis, not to forget the man that put tennis in the life of the Cypriots.

Daniela Christodoulou, a tennis instructor, explains to LoveLife the secrets of the sport: “It’s normal that, besides talent, a lot of work is needed in order to become a top tennis player. Many sacrifices are also needed. Discipline, proper nutrition, generally a healthy lifestyle that includes deprivations. You need perseverance and patience to achieve your goal. You definitely need will and love for what you do, so you don’t give up”.

How much training does it take to get to the top level? “At least three hours a day”.

Why should you play tennis?

Not everyone can become like Tsitsipas or Baghdatis. However, tennis is a great sport for anyone to practice.

“Tennis is an aerobic and anaerobic sport at the same time. Anyone can begin it at any time. From 5-year-olds to adults”, Daniela Christodoulou tells LoveLife.

“It’s ideal for improving the heart. With tennis you gain strength. Muscle strengthens the gastrocnemius quadriceps, as well as the biceps and gluteus muscles”, she adds.

If you want more motivation to start tennis, hear how it helps with weight loss: “With tennis 590 calories per hour!”.
You can choose either individual or group lessons. “It’s a pleasant sport, it combines fun and well-being, while developing discipline. You become responsible, because you learn from your mistakes. You fight anxiety”.

So you don’t have to be a champion in order to play tennis. It’s a great activity you’ll love!

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* Daniela Christodoulou is graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, specializing in tennis, in Komotini, tennis instructor, a group gymnast and a personal trainer.


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