Make exercise… a family affair

Those who exercise know that physical activity offers better health, well-being, mood and energy. The benefits of exercise are innumerable for both adults and children. Imagine how much energy children have and how good it would be to channel it into gymnastics, for example. So, make exercise a family affair!

According to research, families and couples who exercise together form stronger bonds.

This is because the endorphins released during exercise also affect the relationships you have with each other.

Exercising together is a great way to have fun, be productive, and bond with your family.

5 exercises all family members can enjoy

Ball passes and squats

Form a circle half-squatting with your feet apart (in a sumo squat position, feet slightly turned outwards) and grab a ball. The first person starts by performing a deep squat and rising back up then throws the ball to the next person. Repeat for 10 sets.

Ball passes and lunges

This time you’ll still use the ball but perform forward lunges instead. Everyone put your left foot forward. The first person lunges with his legs apart, passes the ball under his leg and stands back up. Repeat 5 times with the left leg and 5 times with the right.

Abdominal crunches with the help of a… towel

Take a towel or a sheet and lie down on your back in pairs, facing each other. Hold the towel by one end each and pull, helping you rise up. Repeat 10 times each.

Push-ups and hand shakes

Form pairs or take turns doing the exercise. You sit upright at a distance from each other. Slowly bend down, rest your hands on the floor and move forward performing a push up. You shake hands with the person opposite you and stand up, going backwards again.

Jumping rope

No matter how old you are, jumping rope is the most fun and effective fitness exercise. Make sure you have space, get a rope and start the “contest” for who can last the longest.


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