Do you want to enrich your fitness program with something new? Are you tired of your gym and want to try something different? Kangoo jumps are what you are looking for! What are the benefits of Kangoo jumps? See below everything you need to know about the new fitness trend!

The gym of celerities!

This original program combines fitness and fun, a program which mimics the kangaroo jump, with specially designed ankle boots to help carry it out.

If you need an incentive to start on Kangoo jumps (in addition to helping you lose weight), let’s tell you that this is Cameron Diaz’s favorite exercise program. Also, the Kardashian sisters are fan. Whether you like them or not, you can only bend to how they are kept in shape!

Kangoo jumps became fashionable in America and slowly reached Europe. And yes, it has arrived in Cyprus!

Fitness instructor Daniela Christodoulou explains to LoveLife what Kangoo jumps are and where helps us!


What is Kangoo jumps?

What is Kangoo jumps? “Kangoo Jumps Shoes, that is, a pair of ski-like boots with special pads on the bottom, is the essential accessory you need to do this program”, Daniela Christodoulou explains to LoveLife.

What does it include? “Each program lasts 45 minutes and includes – in music sounds – jumps, cardiovascular exercises, dance figures, jogging and jumps”. How many times a week do you need to do Kangoo jumps? “Two to three times a week is enough”, according to the fitness expert.


What are the benefits of Kangoo jumps?

But why should someone start Kangoo jumps? As Daniela Christodoulou tells us, the benefits of this exercise are many:

“It’s an aerobic exercise, suitable for both men and women. It is ideal for those who want to lose weight, but also a sport for those with knee and joint problems. ”

In particular, “with Kangoo jumps you improve your balance, you improve your stamina, you strengthen your body.” As she explains, “with Kangoo jumps you eliminate stress and improve your posture” .You also “increase your energy levels while losing calories.”

The most important of all? “It offers plenty of fun and instant results!”

There are so many benefits of Kangoo jumps and if you want more information from Daniela Christodoulou, visit the Kangoo jumps limassol page on facebook.



* Daniela Christodoulou is graduate of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science, specializing in tennis, in Komotini, a group gymnast and a personal trainer.



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