Exercise and weight loss

Exercise and weight loss. What’s the importance of physical activity when it comes to weight control? Can a person on a diet exercise at the same time?

What will I gain by exercising?

The inclusion of physical activity in our daily life is necessary to maintain a better level of health.

Physical activity, and especially more organized exercise, is a necessary ally in our effort to lose weight.

What role does exercise play in weight loss?

As we know, our body weight depends on energy balance. That is, the calories we consume and the calories our body ‘burns’ due to its basic metabolism and exercise.

Is it possible to lose weight by exercising?

Thus, as we exercise more, our body burns more energy. Therefore, we help ourselves to lose extra pounds more easily, as long as we also maintain a good diet plan.

Can exercise help with weight loss?

In addition, exercise helps increase our muscle mass. Which significantly affect our basic metabolism.

Is there a specific exercise that helps with weight loss?

Of course, the type of exercise that each person should perform depends on their personal preferences, as well as on their state of health or their weight.

If a person’s body weight is too high, they should start with mild physical activity, such as walking or swimming.

Does exercise prevent fat loss while dieting?

From time to time, we hear various myths about exercise and weight loss.

The most extreme and completely untrue one is that body fat… gets thicker with exercise.

Of course, such opinions have nothing to do with scientific reality and have only caused confusion for people who are interested in following a healthy lifestyle or losing weight.


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