You may have heard that exercise makes us happy. The energy produced in our bodies when we exercise is capable of improving our mood.

The truth is that fitness has many benefits, in addition to the physical. It is a gift to yourself that offers many positive things for your overall well-being.

Gym and relaxation

You will often hear from those who train that they relax after exercise. This may sound a bit rusty: how can relax you something that makes you squeeze?

Yet, exercise helps the most in spiritual relaxation. The intensity of the day is channeled into something productive and your mind can calm down.

This helps fight stress and intensity, not only in the day, but also in the long run.

You change sensations

When you are in sports you change sensations. You oblige your body to “unwind” from the sedentary life. Even if you work in a place where you “run”, that tension is tiring.

On the contrary, systematic training that combines aerobics with weights has beneficial effects on your body. Apart from the burns it does, depending on the type of exercise you benefit from the so-called afterburn.

You change mood

With the gym you also change your mood. That’s why you can say for sure that exercise makes us happy. If you exercise, you will have noticed changes in your mood after a workout.

This is due to the production of dopamine, which is associated with feelings of pleasure and happiness. Of course, the general energy produced helps the body and brain, improving the mood.

Feeling satisfied

Finally, satisfaction is another personal gain. When you complete a training program, you also complete a small goal. This helps build confidence as well as a mentality to set and accomplish goals.

Choose to have fitness in your life. With small, daily doses, exercise makes us happy and helps us stay healthy.

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