Facial and body care for both men and women is one of the basic rules of daily living. Today LoveLife talks to Maria Gianni, a professional makeup and beauty consultant. In particular, she explains the importance of facial cleansing, giving us the necessary advice. Let’s not forget that … face cleanser, better skin!

What exactly is a face cleanser?

According to Maria Gianni, face cleansing is considered the most necessary treatment for the skin. “Without it you will not get the results you expect from your creams”, she notes and continues “cleansing is with steam and essential oil”. “It includes hydration, exfoliation, sebum extract, sterile ampoules and cosmetic mask. It can also include nourishing face massage and scalp massage”. The beauty consultant also says that depending on the skin of each person, she recommends the proper home treatment.

Face cleanser, better skin!

About age restricts, in terms of face cleansing, Maria Giannis states that she doesn’t limit but should assess the condition of each person. “However, we also need to keep in mind the need for skin cleansing”, she says. “For example, usually when adolescence starts, there are skin problems due to hormone changes”.

How often do you need a face cleaning?

“In normal skins face cleansing can be done at most once or twice a year. For oily and mixed skins it is recommended to be cleaned more often, that is, every three months”, says the beauty consultant.

Some important tips

Concluding, Maria Gianni “invites” all women and especially reluctant women to close their own beauty appointments. “We should all know that face cleansing doesn’t cause damage to the skin. It helps the person to a great extent to regain his / her freshness. And that’s the most important thing”, she adds.

* Maria Gianni is a professional makeup and beauty consultant. She has been working in the field of beauty for the last five years. Beauty for her is the well-groomed woman who loves and cares for herself. She also says that she can happily talk for hours about her other big love … makeup!

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