You take care of your diet, you exercise your whole body three times a week, but if you want your body to respond properly to the gym, you need to know what to eat before your workouts.

The recipe is quite simple. A pre-workout meal must be low in fat, protein rich and BCAA amino acids in order to increase protein synthesis during and after exercise and rich in low glycemic index carbohydrates, to fill the glycogen stores in the muscles and withstand the workout.

Based on the above, here are some food combinations you can consume before exercise to maximize its benefits.


The most natural “injection” of energy. The banana is full of “good” carbohydrates, which means “fuel” for the body, while it is rich in Potassium, which helps smooth muscle and nerve function.. Combine it with ½ sachet of drained yogurt half an hour before training for an extra dose of protein.

Oat flakes

High in fiber, pre-workout oat flakes help to keep energy levels high during training. Oats are also rich in vitamin B that help convert carbohydrates to energy. Eat them with yogurt half an hour before training.

Wholemeal bread

A slice of wholemeal bread is a good source of carbohydrates and can be easily combined with protein food or energy rich food. Wrap it with some honey or jam for even more energy or with turkey or even one boiled egg for extra protein and consume 45 minutes before training.

Yogurt with fruit

The fruits are rich in carbohydrates, and yogurt is rich in high value protein. Fruits help the muscle absorb better protein both during and after training. Alternatively, instead of yogurt you can use the equally nutritious, light and protein-rich cottage cheese.

Roasted chicken with sweet potato and broccoli

It’ the favorite bodybuilder meal and there is a reason for this: lean poultry gives immediate absorption and high bio-protein, sweet potatoes have complex carbohydrates and antioxidants, while broccoli is a true treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and herbs. In conclusion, a super combination of food with everything the body needs to cope with intense training. Unlike other suggestions, this should be consumed at least one and a half hours before training.

Vegetable omelet

An ideal choice for those who go to gym after breakfast, the vegetable omelet offers high bio-protein and good carbohydrates due to the vegetables. Consume it at least one hour before training.