Is outdoor exercise good during the winter? Yes, but under conditions related to the outside temperature, the state of health of the person training and the equipment.

In general, low winter temperatures don’t exclude exercise. But the low temperatures are not the same with the polar ones. This means that outdoor exercise at very low temperatures should be avoided, because there is also a risk of injury.

Always with precautions

In any case, anyone who decides to do outdoor exercise with very low temperatures should take certain precautions: be warmly dressed, use non-slip soles shoes, wear raincoats in case of rain or snow, and in very low temperatures wear hood and gloves.

Studies show that when you exercise at very low temperatures and breathe from your mouth, excessive cold can cause irritation to the mouth, pharynx, trachea and even the bronchi. For this reason, experts recommend to cover the mouth and nose with a scarf while exercising in the cold.

It is also important to avoid exercising at night or generally at hours or places that don’t ensure good visual contact with the environment. For example, roadside ice can cause injury or even fracture.

It is very important to avoid exercise to the point of fatigue, to consume plenty of fluids before, during and after exercise.

Don’t exercise, if you are sick

Your health should always play an important role when you decide to do outdoor exercise. For example, if you are sick, it is advisable to be very careful.

In general, although exercise produces mental and physical stimulation, there are times when running can worsen your health.

Scientists say that special precautions should be taken when exercising with more severe symptoms of a simple cold, as it can have serious complications in the lower respiratory system and the lungs.