Healthy habits that will help you, if you spend a lot of time sitting down

Sitting for many hours at work can lead to a number of health issues, and unfortunately many of us experience them. A crooked posture doesn’t favor the circulation of body fluids while adding pressure to the waist. And we all should develop some healthy habits to make sure we stay healthy as well.

Ways to deal with this issue are:

Take a break away from or outside the office

It’s important to be free to be able to leave your office space from time to time to take some rest, but unfortunately not all of us can do it. However, if you can afford to expose yourself to the sun, do so at regular intervals. Such a positive change will awaken you and improve your mood almost immediately. Otherwise, try to get up from the chair every half hour and take a short walk either around the office or to the bathrooms. Also if possible, always talk on the phone only standing up.

Stay hydrated

Workaholism can cause you to lose the track of time. Especially if you stay sitting down for hours on end, you get carried away and stay there for an unhealthy periods of time. So keep a bottle of water near you and in your field of vision at all times. This way you will remember that at regular intervals it would be good to be hydrated. It will help you to stay active, while your joints will maintain their elasticity. A smart solution is for the bottle to be visible from where you are sitting but not at a distance that you can take it by hand. So to get to it, you will have to get up.


Do more with less

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