How exercise changes our bodies

It’s not just the growing muscles and the flatter abdomen. Exercise changes the body and makes it stronger from the inside out. Let’s see in detail, how exercise changes our bodies.

Exercise isn’t just about liking what we see in the mirror – which, of course, is a 100% legitimate reason to want to exercise. And exercise is not just about getting bigger muscles or losing belly fat. Our whole body changes with exercise from the inside out.

But what happens exactly?

How exercise changes our bodies


Exercise has a direct effect on the heart, as the heart is also a muscle. The more it’s exercised, the healthier and stronger it gets, and the more effectively it works. The heart needs to work less hard on a fit person, providing blood and oxygen throughout the body more easily.


It’s the biggest and most obvious change, of course, that we notice when training. As soon as we start using our body more and exercise, our muscles constantly improve their strength levels. And with persistence, the results can begin to become visible within the first month. The fitter our muscles are, the more energy they require, meaning the calories we consume are better utilized and we burn more fat even when we are resting.


Oh yes, exercise is good for our brain, in many ways. Physically, exercise causes our brain to secrete endorphins, which reduce stress. From a psychological point of view, reduced stress helps in practically every other aspect of our lives, but also in keeping our brain healthier (biologically).


Even soon after you start training, you’ll notice that you breathe better. This isn’t because our lungs are growing or getting stronger. But it’s true. With exercise, it’s very important to learn to use our lungs, as well as to breathe better in general. So, our lungs may not change, but the muscles involved in the breathing process become stronger.

Try to do a total of 150 minutes of exercise a week. Don’t push yourself, do it at a moderate intensity until you feel strong enough. And don’t start running at top speed right away – everything should be done gradually.


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