How often should I exercise? What is the ideal frequency of exercise per week to remain healthy? What kind of exercise should I do?

We all know that regular exercise is a balm for health, no matter what the purpose.

But in many cases there is confusion about how much we need to exercise to be healthy.

The truth is that exercise frequency is purely about goals and time frames of each one.

So how many days should I exercise?

If fitness is not your strong point, you probably think one day a week is enough.

The truth is that one day is clearly better than … none. But to be healthy you need to exercise at least twice a week, while the ideal is three times a week.


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So only 2-3 times and it’s okay?

No. The guidelines say that in between these days, you should do something that will increase your physical activity. For example walking, climbing stairs and generally not sitting all the time in a chair.

And how should it be a typical exercise day?

Generally, if your goal is to lose weight and gain strength, a workout should start with warm-up. Then with muscular strength training, weights, machines and body weight exercises. Finally with some form of aerobic training and stretching.

All of the above take about 60-70 minutes.

Can I split aerobics and empowerment?

You can do it, but it’s preferable as you have limited time to combine both in one day. Start with strength and finish with aerobics. Alternatively, you can do strength training 2-3 times a week and aerobic 1-2 times a week.

Can I train on a daily basis?

Better not, but it depends on many factors (goal, rest, age, training intensity, etc.)

Ideally, you should have a day of rest or mild physical activity to allow your body to recover sufficiently between workouts.

I don’t sleep much, does it matter?

Yes. Sleep is extremely important if you exercise – and in general. It helps greatly in recovering your body after a workout, especially if it is intense.

With sleep after intense exercise the body strengthens, burns fat and rebuilds muscle tissue as it prepares for the next workout.



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