How to get the best results in the gym

Exercise in itself is not difficult. On the contrary, it can be very enjoyable if you make it as important as it should be. Do you spend hours in the gym and don’t see the results you expected? Have you ever wondered if maybe you’re doing something wrong? Here’s how to get the best results in the gym.

1. You don’t know what you want

You want to lose weight, so you dance in the gym. This is good, but mostly for burning calories and improving your mood.

If you really want to shed fat, you must train on a treadmill or a stationary bike three times a week for 45 minutes.

2. You aren’t focused

When you train, you think about who’s training better than you, and if you train well enough.

Usually, when people do their repetitions, their minds wander and the only thing that stick is the number of reps they performed.

Want to improve that? Don’t watch the TV while on a treadmill. Turn off your cell phone. Don’t chat with the other athletes and listen to music instead.

If you want to see what’s going on in the gym then sit down at the bar and have a cup of juice or coffee.

Focus may sound pointless, but only once you start losing fat like crazy you’ll understand how important it is.

3. You don’t have to be a sprinter

The most boring thing about losing fat is how long it takes. It’s understandable. No one has time nowadays.

But do you think that if you sweat profusely you will succeed?

Relax, because in order to lose weight you have to work at a maximum of 65%. At least when it comes to the treadmill or a stationary bike. Nowhere else.

4. You’re unaware of the importance and history of resistance training

If you’re a beginner, you just have to lift weights and it doesn’t mean you will become Rambo.

Train all the muscle groups on the machines three times a week and then, if you have time, use the crossover. Legs one day. Chest/biceps and back/triceps the others.

Training with dumbbells, tires and ropes requires more attention than machines.

5. You go in and out of diets

Yes, you! A cheesecake, come on? “I will eat this, and nothing the rest of the day.”

You’re starving yourself because you can’t eat 4 to 5 times a day. You don’t need a waitress to prepare a toast, or a salad with tuna, or to order chicken with rice, or to eat two boiled eggs for breakfast, nor do people lose their sleep if they have to eat yogurt and raisins for a few days.

Follow a more thoughtful diet plan instead of going in and out on silly and pointless, but also dangerous diets.

They only harm your body. And then just like a camel, it becomes stubborn and refuses to burn its reserves.

Be consistent

It all depends on you.

By staying focused and determined, you will achieve your goals faster and safer.


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