Winter is coming… A so beautiful season for the little miracles of nature as the weather changes, but also difficult because of the illnesses.

Symptoms that accompany mild colds usually include nasal runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough and tiredness. The most severe colds include fever and chills.

Can we prevent it? The answer is yes! There are some small tips we can easily apply to our daily life in order to avoid it.

To wash our hands frequently

We must first adhere to the hygiene rules. We have to wash our hands frequently and thoroughly as they are the part of our body that is in constant contact with millions of germs, whether they come from ourselves through a sneeze or from other people who may be ill. Particularly, it is recommended to health professionals to use antiseptic liquid or antiseptic scarves after each contact with patients.

In addition, we must periodically ventilate the indoors to refresh the atmosphere and keep it moist. An alternative is to place a container of water and eucalyptus essential oil near the space heating systems. Note that the eucalyptus essential oil has the ability to soothe the cold.

Frequent meals with fruits and vegetables

In addition to proper hygiene, our diet and weight are an integral part of effective cold prevention. As far as our diet, we should eat frequent meals, including fruits and vegetables, to keep our immune system alert. A good choice is the consumption of citrus fruits, which are rich in vitamin C, known for its ability to enhance the body’s defense. Other sources of vitamin C are berries, red pepper and cabbage.

We consume many glasses of water and juices

We also need to keep our body well hydrated by consuming at least 8 glasses of water a day, natural juices, tea and soups, while avoiding beverages that lead to dehydration such as coffee and alcohol. Finally, as far as our body weight, we need to maintain it at normal levels, since its large increase or decrease in relation to the normal weight is an important cause of weakening of the immune system and a strong barrier to physical activity.