How to take care of your oral health

It’s very important for our general health to take care of the health of our mouth and teeth every day. With proper care, we can avoid having bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis.

Inflammations cause gingivitis

Gingivitis is caused by inflammation that occurs when the number of bacteria in the mouth increases to a dangerous level, causing our gums to redden and swell. If you suffer from gingivitis, your gums may bleed very easily when brushing, flossing or using a toothpick. Gingivitis can often be cured, but you should visit a dentist to clean your teeth of accumulated bacteria.

If you don’t pay proper attention and gingivitis is left out of control, it can cause even bigger problems, with the bacteria going even deeper, under the gums, causing periodontitis. In severe cases, periodontitis can damage your teeth.

Research has confirmed that periodontitis is directly related to very serious health problems, increasing the risk of their occurrence.

Some of them are:

Heart disease and stroke



Rheumatoid arthritis

Premature childbirth

Visit your dentist

It would be good to make an appointment with your dentist to clean your teeth once every six months. The risk, however, is different for everyone, and, obviously, is related to how regularly and carefully you take care of your mouth and teeth.

Tips for healthy teeth and mouth

Brush your teeth gently twice a day. Once after breakfast, and once before going to bed. Your brush shouldn’t be too large and hard. And try to make small, circular motions. Also don’t forget that you need to change the brush regularly. The worn and hard brush destroys the gums.

Try to floss at least once a day. If you have difficulty using a dental floss, seek help from your dentist, as many people accidentally injure themselves due to misuse.

The use of mouthwash can in no way replace dental floss, but it’s still better than nothing. Therefore, a bottle at home for the days when you don’t have time to use a dental floss, is essential.

Don’t smoke. Cigarette smoke causes enormous damage to the teeth and negatively affects our health.

Visit your dentist regularly, ideally twice a year, for cleaning and preventive check-ups.


Habits that negate teeth brushing

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