As you grow older you realize that the deterioration of the body has a cost to the eyes, but also to the ability to remember faces and situations. However, regardless of your age, there are ways to enhance memory.

So give up selfishness, recognize that sometimes your memory betrays you and treat it as follows:

Aerobic exercise

If there is a magic “pill” that is a way of strengthening memory then this is aerobic activity. Exercise encourages the creation of new brain cells and connections. A study proves that a moving and alert body results in an increase in the size of the hippocampus,improving memory. In fact, Dr. Ian Robertson of the University of Dublin watched a group of people over sixty years indulge in intense walking for a period of four months and who managed to improve their memory and alertness in relation to a group that only performed stretching.


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Procedural memory is improved through sleep which is the deeper the better. Through this memory you control how you do things and also you remember more easily identifiable information. Even short sleeps of 6 to 45 minutes can help memory. Indeed, in a Harvard University study, people who participated in a memorization game performed better after being allowed to rest for 45 minutes. REM sleep can improve memory and mental performance by 33 to 73 percent.

Reading and training

Obviously a muscle that is exercised regularly does not rust and the brain is no exception. Even if you have completed your studies and found a stable job, education doesn’t stop. Games such as crossword puzzles and board games that strengthen the bonds with your closest people are useful. The greater the degree of difficulty and complexity, the more the memory is forged.


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