The realization that you cannot be liked by every person through your life is a fact that comes at an early age.

In fact, some people will get to hate you either because of your behavior or because of your successes, feeling envy for what they cannot create.

Depending on how fragile you are as a character, situations of hatred and jealousy can pervade your psychology and do irreparable damage, the extensions of which continue after an oral confrontation.
Your self-awareness can be enhanced through the following three strategies:

Don’t be one of them
In order to put the right bases for dealing with both jealousy and hatred, you have to look within yourself and assess whether these two feelings are there deeply. So start by yourself and ask him/her if there is someone who hates or is jealous while trying to figure out where all this derives from.

Don’t be the victim of regret
There are people who «feed» themselves by sucking energy from others and succeed it by reducing them verbally. If you are a victim of jealousy or hatred, first try not to give the moral satisfaction of being bothered and then rely on your own beliefs to undo the bombshell of inexpressible characterizations. After all, who knows you better than you?

Don’t fight the fire with the fire
The worst reaction to an incident of hatred or jealousy is to try to return back the «arguments» and get involved in a dispute. On the contrary, the best formula for your physical and mental health is to set aside selfishness and to avoid those who are armed and thirsty for quarrel. Avoiding and isolating these people is the best option to maintain your temper and keep your energy for your self-improvement.