How can you become a quieter person in the crazy rhythms of everyday life? Below are some elements of calm people that you can add to your life and change your routine. 9 simple habits that enhance our peace of mind.

They choose to walk
Calm people like to stroll around the city and practice. This simple habit will help you relieve stress and clear your mind.

They are in no hurry
If they have enough time to reach their destination, they don’t panic. If something goes wrong, they remove something from their list or make a reclassification of their obligations. Or they just get where they need to go and they kindly apologize. Hurry often impedes calm.

They give priority to taking care of themselves
Adequate sleep, good nutrition and physical activity are non-negotiable habits. Adopt them and you will gradually see your daily life improve.

They have a routine
Calm people minimize the strain on their memory by doing things the same way every day. In this way, you can make it easier to work on stressful days.

They live in the present
Those who love tranquility are used to meditation, yoga or other similar practice. Activities like gardening or reading will also help you relieve stress.

They use the phone in moderation
Calm people don’t get obsessed with their mobile phone, but they use it as much as they need it in order to do their job and communicate, or perhaps in order to listen to music. It’s difficult to find the peace you want if you let mobile dominate your life.

They define themselves and set limits
They are aware and respond to their mental, physical and emotional state. They take breaks for stretching and snacking and they are able to discipline themselves.

They expect something may go wrong
The fact that they are not easily disturbed is because they know that life is unpredictable. They don’t expect everything to go according to plan and they are ready to adapt to a new situation. Always have a plan but be prepared to change it when needed.

They are essentially connected to the world
A smile, a passerby help, a phone call to parents are essential movements in our daily life. Remember that in every activity and human relationship special care is needed.

9 simple habits that enhance our peace of mind