The “want” in our life is what gives us the impetus for action and dynamic participation in what we call a life cycle. But some elements, endogenous and / or extrinsic, hinder us and sometimes even make us out of track. Fears are among these factors.
Fear comes to people of all ages uninvited. Insecurity, anxiety, worry, confusion, denial, panic… A multitude of negative thoughts and feelings arise.

Experts talk about dozens of phobias. Small and large. What is fear, after all? It is an innate mechanism that acts as a kind of “alarm” in situations that are perceived as dangerous. It urges us to avoid what threatens us and pushes us into action when we are in danger.

Fear is, therefore, a rational response to an objective threat to our life and survival.

Living without fear does not mean that we need to be unaware of danger or overestimate our abilities.

Fear wraps up the change

Fears of change in our life and of expected results often put a brake on our efforts to move on. So the effort remains only at the level of thinking. Are you afraid of change because you will lose your present security? Or because you will not get the final result you have planned in your mind?

What happens in a scared mind is that it asks many questions what if…? But when you realize that you can not only manage but also overcome the pain completely, then you will have taken a big and steady step towards freedom. Then you will feel that you can do what you love and achieve what you truly deserve.

See the change more simply

To take life into your own hands you have to learn to see change as a game. To learn to view life’s challenges as something that will bring joy to your life. The challenge helps us reach our higher selves. The challenge gives us energy, excitement and pushes us to our dreams.

Now that you read these lines, it’s a good opportunity to have a frank discussion with yourself. “What do I really want in my life? What has stopped me going forward in my life?”. When you answer these questions you will find out what you are missing, what the process is and what the potential outcome you were afraid of. You can change that and focus on what you will win. When you do this, you will fill your life with joy, optimism and live every minute, every moment.