How should we manage our memories?

Every one of us carries memories in his soul. Various images and feelings from the past that have been engraved deep within us. But how should we manage our memories?

A memory can mean something positive for someone, something they want to remember for as long as they live. Something they experienced and something that made them happy.

But for someone else, a memory can mean something negative, something they want to forget, to erase from their memory. Because it may have caused them pain, hurt them and traumatized mentally.

Memories are intertwined with our past and our past directly determines our present and future. This “law” is a fundamental factor that affects how happy and balanced our life is.

Pleasant and beautiful memories predispose us positively for the present and the future, while unpleasant ones do so negatively and take away positivity from the future. This means that in one case they help us and in the other they haunt us.

However, the following question arises: is it possible to store only positive memories and get rid of the negative ones?

The question

Should we only keep the positive or only the negative memories? Every person has both positive and negative memories in his soul. You retrieve memories that encourage and make you happy and memories that make you sad.

Between what each person hides inside, there must be a balance, a golden ratio that can unite past with present and future.

The important thing is not to let a traumatic event define your whole life. Such events can be a loss of a loved one, a personal or professional failure, a mistake, a wrong decision, a bad choice.

Life is a race, a marathon that you must continue without looking back or clinging to the past. Life requires only the forward steps. Otherwise, it gets negatively overshadowed and stagnates.

Our memories, good and bad, should be in a corner of our soul and mind and accompany us, not turn into a nightmare.

We live in the present and plan our future. Therefore, we must have the mental strength to succeed, to be optimistic, bold and strong.

Memories should accompany and keep us in check

The past must teach us, arm us with the appropriate supplies to cope with the present and the future, not become an obstacle to it.

Whatever happened once, positive or negative, pleasant or unpleasant – happened. And that can’t change! What is happening now, however, and what is going to happen, can be changed, as long as we want it and go for it.

But under no circumstances should you give up after remembering a negative memory or a difficulty we encountered on our way. And it’s up to you to keep the good memories…


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