Color recognition is associated with basic brain functions. The environment of the person is full of colors. The human brain is “programmed” to react to colors, which affect both our thoughts and our emotions.

While color perception is subjective, some color influences are common worldwide. Colors are one of the strongest pieces of non verbal communication. Instantly convey concepts and messages.

White: The universal color of peace and purity.

Expresses: Protection, balance, cleanliness, innocence, peace, purity – clearness, sterilization, simplicity, tradition, sincerity.

Yellow: Can carry conflicting messages. Shiny and highly visible, it creates happiness and warmth. It stimulates spiritually, so its discreet presence helps in the workplace. You shouldn’t exaggerate with the yellow color because it can cause anxiety and aggression.

Expresses: Cheerfulness, cowardice, curiosity, happiness, joy, playful disposition, positivity, euphoria, warmth.

Orange: It combines the characteristics of red and yellow. It creates playful mood, vivid emotions or even desire.

Expresses: Creativity, excitement, fun, vivid spirit, youthfulness.

Red: An intense color that can cause intense emotions. It can bring to mind blood and war as well as love and passion. It increases one’s stress and stimulates hunger. Red can show dynamism and success. It stimulates both spiritually and physically.

Expresses: Action, adventure, aggression, danger, energy, dynamic enthusiasm, love. passion, power / strength.

Pink: a feminine color that evokes feelings of innocence and simplicity.

Expresses: Appreciation, understanding, sensitivity, gentleness, femininity, gratitude, innocence, romance.

Purple: Indicates royal office, mystery, spirituality and sophistication. As a combination of red and blue, it has both warm and cold caracteristics. Purple is a color that is not found in nature. This gives it mystery and luxury.

Expresses: Accuracy, imagination, justice, mystery, aristocracy

Blue: A calm color that can create images of power, success and security. Most people agree that they like at least one of the shades of blue. It can give relaxation and tranquility in places, while it gives reliability and safety in clothes.

Expresses: Power, serenity, confidence, dignity, confidence, power, confidence, reliability.

Green: Represents life and renewal. It’s a color that calms but can also represent jealousy and inexperience. It brings the feeling of optimism, hope, strength and endurance in places. It is a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

Expresses: Freshness, harmony, health, inexperience, money, nature, refreshment, serenity.

Brown: Brown is associated with nature, wood and utility. It emits simplicity, warmth and confidence. It is a neutral color that offers stability and favors cooperation.

Expresses: Calm, depth, earth, roughness, wealth / abundance, simplicity, seriousness, intelligence, craftsmanship, utility.

Gray: Natural and cold.

Expresses: Power, bluntness, humility, temperament / depth, practical, respect, appreciation, melancholy, balance.

Black: Symbolizes threat or evil, popular as a sign of power. It expresses seriousness and formality.

Expresses: Power, clarity, mystery, sophistication.