Exercise can make you look younger and even get the skin you had at 20 years old!

And if you find it too good to be true, read on.

Exercise can slow down skin aging and be used as the most important beauty treatment.

New research agrees that exercising does not just make your skin shine, but slows down its maturation significantly.
And the reason is simple. During exercise, your muscles release a lot of protein. In this way a whole mechanism begins for your body to respond to the new state of exercise.

The research

Scientists from the University of Ontario put these proteins under the microscope and managed to distinguish IL-15.
It is the one that stimulates the mitochondria. That is, the nucleus of the skin cells.

These toned mitochondria strengthen the skin cells. So they work better, so your skin is rejuvenated.

In a few words, IL-15 makes you look younger. But best of all is that each of us can do it for free, as exercise is the only key you need to activate it!

Even more privileges

Aerobic exercise is known to increase your heart rate, thereby stimulating blood circulation.

This means that more nutrients and oxygen enter the skin cells. This enables your body to rebuild itself faster.

Thus, if the skin cells are rebuilt and strengthened through exercise, you will slow down the aging process.

The ideal anti-aging exercise

Every form of exercise has positive effects on your skin. But recent research shows that only the aerobic produces IL-15.
It doesn’t matter what kind of aerobics you follow. Whether it is jogging, walking, swimming or biking. It depends on you.

Scientists also say that the intensity of exercise is not important either.

The conclusion

All you need to get healthy, shiny and, of course, youthful skin is to adopt a more energetic lifestyle. You don’t have to exaggerate. A little exercise on a daily basis is enough.