Autumn is known as the most insidious season. This is the period when we warm during the day while the night the temperature drops. So we can easily fall into the trap of getting sick. Below I give you some tips to protect yourself against viruses as early as possible.

Jacket for the cold

It is very practical to carry a jacket with us. In the car, in the office, on the ride. Since the weather is currently unstable, what is easier than having a jacket with us. This way we will be sure that the cold will not affect us until we return home.

Tips for protection

Most viruses are transmitted by contact. The first rule to protect against their transmission is personal hygiene. We must wash our hands frequently, as well as the surfaces we come into contact with. When entering the house, we must wash so as to get rid of any viruses that circulate in public places. It is advisable to carry an antiseptic with us especially if we stay outside for many hours.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise keeps our body healthy and offsets the modern sedentary lifestyle. If we exercise regularly we are less likely to get sick, on the one hand because we reduce stress levels in our body and on the other hand because we boost our immune system.

Nutrition rich in vitamins

Proper nutrition rich in vitamins is essential for the protection of our body. Especially vitamin C can protect us from viruses. Citrus fruits, kiwi, blackberries. Antioxidant-rich fruits and Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps absorb ferrum and zinc, key elements in the fight against viruses.

We make sure that the places we stay for several hours (work, school, etc.) are ventilated. Fresh air when recycled prevents germs from staying in the room.

Sleep is necessary

Finally we owe ourselves rest and proper sleep. The hours of sleep our body needs depending on age are necessary.


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