A day is always approached with more optimism if you realize that you slept well. However, there are moments when this is not clear either because of a headache or body aches that can be caused by other factors such as a pillow that needs changing.

To make sure you had a good night’s sleep, check the following conditions:

You don’t remember your dreams

Obviously a nightmare that may even force you to wake up with heartbeats is a sign of sleep deprivation. Beyond that, sleep is divided into several stages with the most beneficial being the Non-rapid eye movement sleep. During this period, the heart rate, breathing and blood pressure are lower. This phase is considered as essential to the brain as food for the body. Then the REM phase comes. It accounts for 20% of our sleep, during which you dream. So in conclusion, the less dreams you see and remember, the more time you are in the desired phase.


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You fell asleep quickly

If you haven’t cleared your mind before going to bed through meditation or recording your thoughts, then you obviously lie down with worries. It is easy to see that such a situation would make it difficult to close your eyes. The National Sleep Foundation has published guidelines that record what means a good sleep. Specifically, you should be able to fall asleep in thirty or less minutes. If you wake up in the middle of the night then this sleep interruption should not be more than twenty minutes. If you wake up again more than once, they should not be more than five minutes. Finally, 85% of the time you spend lying down should be asleep.

You feel it

The fact that you slept well is also reflected in simple everyday actions. In particular your mood is good and you don’t panic flirting with anxiety and stress. Your appetite is diminished or balanced and you don’t feel your stomach bloated. You also need more time to realize fatigue when exercising.


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